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Trust Center

The Trust Center: a Clear Insight in Security, Privacy, Risk and Compliance Within

At, we enable organizations to connect to their customers and offer them a superior customer experience through our state-of-the-art cloud software. Transparency, quality, and trustworthiness are at the core of our products and services. This is why we are happy to announce the introduction of the Trust Center, a place where everyone can have insight into security, privacy, risk, and compliance within

Quality is not only about what you do, but also how you do it and make this visible. The new Trust Center is the place for customers and other stakeholders where brings this all together - Jorg Voeten, Lead Risk & Compliance.


What Is the Trust Center and For Who Is It Relevant?

The Trust Center is your one-stop shop for security, privacy, risk, and compliance information. It is a place that is relevant for everyone that wants to know more about these topics, and it connects you to the latest information. Are you looking for a way of working on risk management, do you want to know more about the security measures we take, or do you want to know how our privacy program is set up? The Trust Center is the way to go! 

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Why the Trust Center?

As a fast-growing global company, the demand for information about the quality of our products and services continues to rise. Our stakeholders, including (potential) customers, are interested to know more about’s activities on the topics included in the Trust Center. With the introduction of the Trust Center, we want to enable our stakeholders to get insight in relevant subjects such as our certifications, policies and our privacy program.

We find it very important to be transparent and to have clear communication about important topics. That is why the Trust Center has been introduced. It is the perfect place to find more information about topics regarding security, privacy, risk and compliance within

With the introduction of the Trust Center, we finally have the most requested, up-to-date, information available in one location for stakeholders and customers! – Sándor Incze, CISO


What Information Can You Find on the Trust Center?

The Trust Center connects you to the latest information about relevant topics within


  • Control measures
  • Backup information
  • Incident response
  • Reporting vulnerabilities

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 Risk Management

  • Risk management methodology
  • Main risks within
  • Fraud prevention

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  • Company information
  • Terms and conditions of global entities 

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  • Certifications (For example ISO, PCI-DSS)
  • Corporate policies

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  • Global Privacy Program
  • (Sub) Processors

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Do you want to have a look at our Trust Center? Go check it out yourself!

Visit the Trust Center

Do you want to have a look at our Trust Center? Go check it out yourself!

Visit the Trust Center
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