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IBAN Verification

IBAN Verification via a 1 Cent Payment With iDEAL

Check your customer's identity with IBAN verification and ensure that the user registers the account number.

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Fast and Straightforward Online Customer Verification

Real-Time Verification

After a successful payment via iDEAL, you immediately receive the customers' names and IBAN through the API.

User Friendly

With iDEAL as the most used online payment method in the Netherlands, your customer is already familiar with its user flow.

Complies With EU Legislation

All our digital identity solutions meet the European laws and regulations and are GDPR-compliant.

Increase Conversion

Due to the higher certainty about the ownership of the IBAN, you can offer new services online.


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Identify Customers and Avoid Errors in Billing

With the use of IBAN verification, you can verify whether the given IBAN is in use and the user has access to it.

Checking an IBAN is simple. Let the customer verify the account by making a €0,01 transaction via iDEAL. Once he completes the payment successfully, you'll immediately receive the name and IBAN of the user account via our API.

* This product is only available for clients with a Dutch bank account.

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Easy and Fast Verification

Identify your online customers to ensure that monthly plans are linked to the right person and validate the registrant's name and bank account.

Or require IBAN verification with high-value payments to ensure that the buyer owns the account that's being billed.

Successful Use Cases of IBAN Verification

Verify the ownership of the account

Easy identification in the Know Your Customer-process

Validate the billing account number

Start Now With IBAN Verification

Register to Get Started With the API

Register to get immediate access to the IBAN verification API. We'll provide you with a test API token so you can start building right away and simulate transactions.

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Directly Usable by Payments Customers

The IBAN verification API can be implemented directly by our Payments customers without new contracts or agreements. Download the API documentation to get started.

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Contact Us to Go Live

Once you're done building and testing, contact us to purchase a subscription, and we'll provide you with production API credentials so you can start accepting actual transactions.

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How Does it Work

  1. Integrate IBAN verification on your site
  2. The customer transfers € 0.01 via iDEAL
  3. You immediately receive account details


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