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SuperMoney SPA chose's electronic signature solution Sign

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The company now uses Sign for contract signing, developing a straightforward, user-friendly process allowing minimal salesperson intervention.


An Emerging Need for Innovation and Digitalization

SuperMoney created a free online service for internet users, that compares terms and prices of a wide range of goods and services such as energy and telephone rates, insurance products, and banking services.

Established in 2008, the Milan-based company now counts more than 360,000 users each month who save on their expenses easily, quickly, and securely. Thanks to the Comparison Portal, people can compare different offers, buy products, and subscribe to services online. 

On the Path of Internal Processes Digitalization

SuperMoney is a digitally devoted company that automates all internal processes. In this context, the transition to digital signature has made it possible to avoid very long, cumbersome procedures with a high error rate, that were really common in the era of paper signature and vocal order registration.

After an evaluation phase of various market solutions, SuperMoney SPA decided to integrate Sign for its simplicity and intuitiveness, guaranteeing an excellent user experience and wide customization possibilities.

Sign: Tailored to Customer's Needs

In addition, Sign was a solution that could be fully integrated with the company's business processes, from control procedures to monitoring and reporting. 

Today, the company uses Sign for signing customers contracts for energy, electricity, gas supply, or ADSL telephony. The use of the solution for internal processes is also being considered.

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Why Sign?

To build a robust, structured, and integrable solution that was fully automated, SuperMoney chose the API version that enabled not only to scale sales volumes but also to do so with minimal impact on operational activities. Today, to make it easier for new partners to sell their offers, new contract templates are configured, after which the systems automatically makes Sign generate the contract and send it to the customer.

A Relationship of Mutual Trust

"We designed a linear and user-friendly process that allows minimal operator intervention. - says Giuseppe Schirinà - Supermoney's project manager - One of our goals was to make sure that the consultant could support the customer at the product selection stage without having to fill out forms or waste time entering information on other platforms. Behind the scenes and completely automatically, the contract is filled out, and the customer can complete the subscription with just a few clicks."

"In SuperMoney, we have found a partner that is extremely receptive and strongly oriented to digitalization," says Cristina Parigi, Country Manager of Italy. "Their project is an exciting example, a rolemodel for those companies in Italy that want to move forward using our digital signature solution."

Sign contract

The Future in a Nutshell

For the company, it is crucial to increase the speed and simplicity of use, goals that will be achieved with further workflow customization. Also on the agenda is making it possible to sign contracts through different channels and creating a tool to speed up the generation of new contract templates.

Last but not least, considering the increasing amount of security issues all over the Internet, Supermoney wants to go deeper in the digital evolutions of the signers' recognition process to offer a safer experience to their customer.

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