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The Cash Register for Your Museum or Park

A flexible ordering and payment solution for your tickets, restaurant, and shop.


The Solution You Are Looking For

Online & Offline

Avoid overbooking by utilizing a single capacity for both online ticket sales and door sales.

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User-Friendly Interface

A modern and fresh interface that processes orders at lightning speed, ensuring a smooth entrance flow.

Real-Time Insights

Easily keep track of all relevant statistics in a clear dashboard (peak moments, sales, performance, etc.)

Own Design

Design your own interface for maximum ease of use and customize it for each point of sale.

Self-service Kiosk

At the entrance, let your visitors order tickets themselves via self-service sales kiosks and reduce queues.



User-Friendly and Fast Software

Say goodbye to OUTdated software, and choose our software with a modern and fresh interface! Easy to use so your team can be up and running with it in no time.

  1. Change interface per outlet (entrance, bar, shop)

  2. Personalise interface with colours and images.

  3. Quickly add products, categories, descriptions, and more.

  4. Process orders at lightning speed.


Real-Time & Reliable Insights

View real-time results of each point of sale, team member, product, and more from one clear dashboard at any time of the day.

  1. Choose your quick stats to quickly see your performance

  2. Receive a printout at the end of each day

  3. Discover peak times and popular products

  4. Get insight into suppliers and stock with the inventory system


Put Your Visitors in Control

Place order kiosks at the entrance and let your visitors order their tickets themselves. By doing so, guarantee even smoother entry and improve the visitor experience.

  1. Reduce queues for visitors

  2. Increase sales by showing upsell options

  3. Appeal to younger generations with speedy service

  4. Design an order environment with your own look & feel


Flexible Set-up

Simply download the software on any possible device, and create your own optimal setup. Whether you prefer handheld devices, cash registers, or even smartphones, the choice is yours.

  1. Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows

  2. Scale up during peak hours

  3. Scanning software included

Useful Functionalities

Give each employee their personal login.

Our software supports all languages and currencies.

Use gift cards, CJP pass, museumjaarkaart, and more.

Download the app and quickly install our scanning software on any device.

Limit the rights of certain team members and maintain control.

But There Is More...

24/7 Support

Our team provides 24/7 support and monitoring for all of your payments.

Online & Offline

Software that works anytime, anywhere - even without Wi-Fi. All order is automatically updated upon connection.

Rent the Required Hardware

No investment is required, rent the hardware you want; from robust POS set-ups, to pocket-size sunmies and from receipt printers to pin terminals.



Discover the Possibilities

Each museum requires a different application of our POS software. Combine it with our marketing tools and ticketing. Contact us and together we will gladly look for the best solution to suit your needs.

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