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Your customers expect convenience and speed: find the best communication channels to engage them. Let's dive into the data!


What Is the Best Messaging Channel
for My Business?

The answer depends on who your customers are and where they live. Let's discover which messaging channels are most popular in your customers' countries.

Best Messaging Channels For Your Audience

Gen Z most used channels

Gen Z (18-24)

Gen Z consumers are the most tech-savvy audience; they are social media natives and are searching for honest experiences. They expect innovative ways to engage with brands. The best way to interact with them is with personalized and real experiences.

Gen Y most used channels

Millennials - Gen Y (25-44)

Millennial customers have high expectations. Brands that do not meet them will see this audience defect to competitors offering a better customer experience. Ultimately, Millennials are willing to spend more money for a great customer experience.

Gen X most used channels

Gen X (45-54)

Gen Xers are in the prime of their careers with significant spending power. They are loyal and care about their communities. For successful engagement and conversion, they need reassurance. Building trust, loyalty, and familiarity with your brand are crucial.

Boomers most used channels

Boomers (55+)

Baby boomers are also active on digital media with an average of 4.6 social media accounts per person. They expect high-quality interaction with knowledgeable staff when engaging with a brand. They value trusted recommendations and reviews.

The Guide to Conversational Messaging

Guide guide

Customers Demand It, Businesses Need It

Attract, engage, interact, and convert customers on conversational messaging channels. Learn how different messaging channels can support your business and its use cases.

Best Messaging Channels For Your Use Case

Our Communication Channel Advisor data is based on statistics from Statista and wearesocial.

Use Case Customer Service Marketing Notifications Verification
Use Case Customer Service Marketing Notifications Verification

Instagram Messaging

Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp Business Platform

RCS Business Messaging

Google's Business Messages

Twitter for Business



Apple Messages for Business

Mobile Push

Viber for Business

Our Communication Channel Advisor data is based on statistics from Statista and wearesocial.

Did You Know...

68% Will Choose Convenience

When asked if they can choose where to make a purchase, 68% of consumers are more likely to go with the business with convenient communications. (Forrester, 2020).

2/3 Compete on Customer Experience

Today, more than two-thirds of companies compete primarily based on customer experience.

Omni-Channel Strategy For Growth

Understand your customers' journey and identify their preferred channels. Engage where and when it provides the most value to them. You'll differentiate your business and generate growth.

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The Guide to Conversational Messaging

Why Customers Demand It and Businesses Need It

Customer engagement today happens on a variety of online channels. In this guide you will learn how to use the most relevant channels to communicate with customers to attract, engage, interact, and