Payment Types and Channels. offers several payment types and channels for any business. Allow your customers to pay when and how they prefer.

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Payments Platform Payment Types and Channels

Meet the Payment Needs of Your Customers and Visitors

Simplify Any Payment Process

Online Payments

Accept every local and international payment in every webshop, eCommerce and mCommerce system with the payment platform from

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Offline Payments

Accept payments everywhere and let customers pay with their mobile phone. Bring the best of the online checkout experience to physical locations.

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Payment in the Conversation

Communicate with your customer on all popular messaging channels, combined with data tools and payment solutions for the optimal customer experience.

Conversational Commerce

web and mobile payments

Web & Mobile
Online Payment Solution

Accept local and international payments in every webshop or platform with the payment platform from Offer a seamless browser-based payment experience on desktop and mobile. Make it easy for customers to pay on any device.

  1. Worldwide payment methods

  2. Responsive payment page in your own look and feel

  3. In-depth reporting and insight

recurring payments

Recurring Payments
for Repeat Business

With the recurring payment solution from, you can easily collect subscription fees or other recurring payments.

Make sure customers keep coming back time and time again with our recurring payment technology built for any business, location, and payment setup.

  1. For automatic subscriptions and online services

  2. Benefit from an automated follow-up

  3. Get realtime insight into the paid and missed payment terms

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payment links

Payment Links
Get Paid Directly

Send payment requests with payment links via your customers' preferred messaging channels: chat apps, SMS or email.

Accepting payments with Payment Links has never been so easy. The customer pays by online payment and you get notified once the payment is completed.

  1. Error-free payments

  2. No need for a card machine or website

  3. Clear insights and reporting

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grab and go

Shop and Go Payments
Cash-Less Shopping

In a fast-paced world, effortless and friction-less payments can make life of shoppers much easier. Our Shop and Go solution makes shopping uncomplicated. 

Customers can use their smartphone to scan and pre-order items and be on their way, payment is done seamlessly. No more busy queues and payments hassle. Paying has never been so easy!

  1. No more waiting in line at the register

  2. Increase conversion by enabling seamless payments

  3. Less or no investment needed in payment terminals

More About Shop and GoAH To Go Case Study
mobile payments

QR Payments
Secure and Hassle-Free

Our society becomes more and more mobile first and our online behavior is already mobile focused. However we still use a plastic card to pay for our groceries and cash to donate to charities.

With QR payments you receive these payments via the mobile phone, with the possibility to leave a personal message on your customer's mobile phone.

  1. Secure payment via the trusted banking app

  2. Direct payment without physical debit- or credit card

  3. Payment with the device that the customer always has on hand

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conversational payments

Allow Payments in Conversations

The cashless trend is set to continue! Consumers always have their mobile phone on hand and there is an increasing need for easy, secure payments by phone, without card or token.

Communicate with your customer on all popular messaging channels, combined with data tools and payment solutions for the optimal customer experience.

  1. Create presence on all important messaging channels 

  2. Allow payments in the conversation

  3. Get real time insights into your customers data and behavior.

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Treasury Services to Increase Conversion and Minimise Risks

Worldwide Reach With One Integration

Refunds and Partial Refunds

We make it possible for customers to execute refunds. Refunding is an important feature for your business as it enables you to improve your service towards your customers.

Acceptance and Settlement Currencies

​We offer a wide range of acceptance currencies. This enables you to accept payments from all over the world. In addition we can settle in 8 different currencies.

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Fraud Module

Aspects like the design of your payment page and the choice of payment methods can help to minimize risk. Through the fraud module we offer additional checks before and after the transaction.

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