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Reach your goals faster with expert help every step of the way.

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Get the Tools You Need to Reach Your Goals

Whether you’re a online learner or want some one-on-one support, we have a plan to help you succeed.

Our Experts Can Help You With:

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Campaign Management

Outsource the management of your SMS or Email campaigns

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In-depth training

Get trained in using the platform in the most optimal way

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Campaign Strategy

Visualise your customer journey with the help of platform tools.

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Integrate the Clouds in your company

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Get more out of your already up and running Cloud


In-Depth Training

In this online videocall training you will learn how to use the Mobile Marketing Platform. Build both manual and automated campaigns. Analyze the results and create hyper personalized customer experiences.

During the training you’ll learn to:

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    Make segments in the CDP 

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    Send an SMS campaign with a designed landing page

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    Set-up a Workflow ans send a triggered campaign

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    Visualize & analyze the results on the dashboard


Campaign Management

When you choose for campaign management we take over the setup and rollout of your mobile campaign; from SMS, to pages and email.  

The Campaign Management package contains:

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    Intake via videocall to complete form for rolling out campaign

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    Based on a SMS campaign. Option to include Mobile Landing page 

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    Preparation & Demo message 

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    Campaign Execution & Evaluation call


Campaign Strategy Workshop

The Campaign Strategy workshop is a 4 hour focussed session where we will help you to visualize your customer journey using possibilities of the platform. 

During the 4 hour workshop we’ll:

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    Show the different possibilities (incl. CDP & Campaign tooling)

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    Brainstorm about different campaigns in your journey

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    Work towards a campaign calendar

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    Give a price indication for rolling out the campaigns



After an Kickstart project you can choose to work with Optimization projects to get more out of your already up and running account.

In a ~1,5 month optimization project we’ll:

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    Go over goals of current setup

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    Review current segment and proposal for improvements

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    After approval roll-out first improvements

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    A price indication for the rolling out of other optimizations

Kickstart Project

Kickstarts are focused projects to integrate the Mobile Marketing Cloud in your organisation and start using it successfully.

A ~3 month kickstart project consists of:

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    Check privacy policy and set-up consent management

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    Connect all data sources to the Data System 

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    Setup of and training in marketing tooling

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    Campaign roll-out support

Questions? We’ll Put You on the Right Plan!

Feel free to be in touch with us to learn more about how Professional Services can help you get more value from the Platform and reach your goals faster.

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