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Manage all your customer conversations inside one agent inbox with Mobile Service Cloud for the best customer service.

Mobile Service Cloud Agent Inbox
agent inbox

Tickets Don't Solve Problems. People Do

Our inbox doesn't show tickets or numbers. It shows conversations.

In traditional systems questions become tickets, people become numbers.

Mobile Service Cloud empowers agents to put customers first.

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Increase Internal Efficiency

Inbox Management

Keep workflows manageable with smart inbox management.

Skills-based Routing

All questions are routed to the right agent, based on skills and relevancy.

Conversational View

Conversations are at the centre of attention. No tickets, no numbers.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate easily with colleagues or involve an external supplier.

All Channels

Manage conversations from any channel in one convenient inbox.

inbox management

Perfect Your Customer Service

Organise your inbox with tags and snooze options. Your personal inbox displays items that need attention now - everything else is snoozed. Colour-coded SLAs show how much time you have left to respond.

Create, manage, monitor and measure different SLAs based on your customer service operation's brand, language, channels, team and more.

  1. Clear overview of all your conversations

  2. Traffic Light colour codes indicating the time left to answer

  3. Snooze conversations to be reminded later

Conversation Agent Inbox Mobile Service Cloud

Put Customers First With The Conversational View

The conversational view is split into three vertical panels: one with conversations with a customer, one with internal conversations to collaborate with colleagues or partners, and one with the Customer Profile. Every data is shown for every channel. Get and keep customers with a channel-agnostic approach.

  1. Full overview of all conversations from all channels

  2. Chat or email to collaborate with internal and external partners

  3. Customer Profile including all data, such as viewed products

All Channels in One Inbox

Advanced Skills-based Routing

To optimise customer experience, set advanced skills-based routing to automatically connect a customer to the right agent. In addition to skills, you can also set routing according to brand, store, or language. He or she will be assigned a specialist based on the question which appear directly in their personal inbox.

Routing is based on:

  1. Skills, topic, or expertise

  2. Language, store, or brand

  3. Availability

  4. Channel

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