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Welcoming Customer Service

With our customer service software, you offer your customers a unique experience - before, during, and after their holiday.

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Optimal Accessibility

Guests can reach you easily, anytime, anywhere. Through their favorite channel. Wherever they are in the world.

Fast Response Time

A quick response contributes to a carefree vacation. With Mobile Service Cloud, you respond quickly and efficiently.

Personal communications

When traveling, you don't want to have to explain who you are and where you are. Personalize communications based on customer profiles.

No question unanswered

Travelers have many questions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the right software, you can answer them all.

The Vacation Feeling - Also in Service

Guests want to enjoy themselves. From the booking to the journey and the stay at the destination. They need to be able to rely on the service you offer to make their vacation unforgettable. With Mobile Service Cloud, you offer personal, good, and fast customer service.


Help Every Customer Quickly

Help all your guests during their trip with efficient productive customer service. Mobile Service Cloud centralizes the conversation with the customer. You can easily collaborate with colleagues and external partners within the same view as the conversation. Use a chatbot for frequently asked questions. You can help your customers even faster. Don't you also want a quick response?

  1. Collaborate efficiently in one Omnichannel Inbox

  2. Skills-based routing to the right person for the right answer

  3. Automate repetitive or simple conversations with a chatbot

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Be Accessible, the Entire Journey

A customer doesn't want to have to go through any trouble to reach you as a travel agent, airline, or hotel. With Mobile Service Cloud, you make it as easy as possible. Regardless of the question or problem, the answer is at their fingertips via every channel.

  1. All channels: from phone and email to Live Chat and WhatsApp

  2. In one clear Omnichannel Inbox

  3. Leave no question unanswered

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First-Class Service

When your customers book a trip or are on the road, they want to be helped quickly. Without having to introduce themselves or repeat themselves several times. With Mobile Service Cloud and the right integrations, you transform a service channel into a personal channel. Provide first-class service.

  1. Create a 360° customer profile for personalized communication

  2. Integrate with your ERP or CRM

  3. Connect data sources for up-to-date customer & travel information

A Carefree Journey With Mobile Service Cloud

Meet customer expectations

Customer demands continue to rise, it becomes increasingly difficult to meet them. With the powerful functionalities of Mobile Service Cloud, you put your customer first. This way, you can offer service that the customer demands.

Guarantee fast and relevant service

The modern customer expects a good answer quickly. Make sure you know and understand your customer. With the right integrations, you can help your customer, wherever they are.

Want to know how you can achieve more satisfied customers with Mobile Service Cloud? Watch the demo video.

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Improve Your Customer Service?

Want to know how you can make your customer service even more welcoming? Our experts are happy to discuss the possibilities. Talk to an expert and discover what Mobile Service Cloud can do for you. Or view the software in the demo video.

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