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Improve customer satisfaction

Be ahead of the customer's question. Send your customers notifications, updates and alerts at times they need it most. It will make your customers happy and diminishes pressure on support.

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Optimize marketing and sales

Update your customers about special offers they don’t want to miss via the channels they use most. Easily reach your marketing goals by using extra messaging tools like mobile landing pages.

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Enrich customer support

Seamlessly deliver the extra information your customers need to reach their buying decision through whichever channel they prefer. Make your customer support an effortless experience.

Get your message across

As we've all become intertwined with our mobile devices, mobile messaging is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. To reach your customers, you will need the best and most reliable technologies on the market.

Embrace personal, easy and cost-effective solutions to deliver your message to your target audience. From SMS and Email to VoiceChat Apps and Multi-Channel messaging: choose and combine messaging solutions for a messaging strategy that best suits you and your customers.

Choose to deliver your messages via SMS, Chat Apps and/or Voice. Start delivering via your customers' preferred channels.

The available channels

Start and continue the conversation through all available channels suited for your business, making sure you never miss out on any communication opportunities.

Messaging Tools

Expand your mobile messaging with our useful messaging tools. Get the most out of each message sent. Enrich your messaging with dedicated Mobile Landing Pages, Messaging Analytics, Address Book, and Opt-Out Management.

Enhance your business with Voice Solutions

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Contact centers

The SIP Trunk of CM is ideal for processing large volumes of phone traffic, for both inbound and outbound calls.

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Connect your phone system with CM's SIP Trunk and make calls at the lowest cost. Our connection is of premium quality.

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Connect your telephone system with the powerful CM SIP Trunk and send all your inbound and outbound traffic via CM. Save up to 35% on the fixed and variable costs.

Get in touch with your customers through Chat Apps

One unified experience for your customers

Communicate with your customers via SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Viber, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook Messenger, all in one Customer Contact dashboard.

The dashboard allows you to have one-on-one conversations with your customers, integrate customer profiles in your CRM, and to seamlessly transfer chats to other departments. Use quick replies, chatbots, and out-of-office notifications.

Rather integrate all channels through an API? Connect to the Business Messaging API to manage just one API instead of a separate one per channel.

Improve engagement, start the conversation

"For years now, we have been sending text messages through CM's platform to the satisfaction of our customers. We use text messages to let them know that their order is being processed or at what time they can expect their delivery."

Sander Kole, Technology Director at

"CM provides us with direct routes to various telco’s and stable, fast routes for critical messages. We are provided with direct routes and connections that allow us to carry out important communications for our clients."

Marc Désenfant, country manager France at ACTITO

"We switched to CM as our text message provider because a number of other telecom companies proved to be less reliable when it came to delivering text messages. CM offered the solution for this, including delivery reports of text message batches."

Olivier Nieland, senior accountmanager at MultiBel

Rabobank uses push notifications for multiple apps. The SOS app alerts employees on system outage and when the system is working again. The MyOrder app uses push to send local push messages, based on the GPS location of the user.


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Benefit from all mobile messaging solutions available for your company, with all the tools and channels you can imagine. Make your customers happy, send them delivery notifications, booking confirmations, appointment reminders, and more, at the moment it matters. Discover all the possibilities.

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