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CM's Communications Platform as a Service (cPaaS)

cPaaS is a cloud-based delivery platform for all communication channels including SMS, Voice, Email, Chat apps and more. Companies such as yours use the platform for real-time communication with clients. Successful companies integrate these communication channels with their business processes. Our reliable and innovative technologies are easy to incorporate for a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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How you’ll benefit from using cPaaS

API & SDK Powered

The availability of API’s and SDK’s eliminates development time and costs for enterprises.

Customer Experience

Create new digital business initiatives and improve the customer experience.

Application solutions

Customised intelligent modules for specific applications such as 2-factor Authentication or Text-to-Voice.'s communications channels Recognized as a Representative Vendor in May 2018 Gartner Market Guide for Communications Platform as a Service.

CPaaS - Gartner

GDPR compliant Enterprise Messaging


Fast, reliable, and an open rate of 95%.

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No need to pay per minute, you'll pay for your calls per second.

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Customer care via messaging apps.

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Enjoy rich media experience, interaction and personalisation.

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Send personalised Email marketing campaigns.

Discover our SMS products

Use our reliable SMS solutions to send out notifications, marketing campaigns, authentication requests, payment confirmations, appointment reminders, etc.

SMS gateway

Discover our SIP Trunking products

Reduce costs on your local and worldwide outbound voice traffic with our reliable and high-quality SIP Trunk connection. We offer competitive and transparent call rates without setup costs. No need to pay per minute, you'll pay for your calls per second.

Your worldwide traffic is terminated only by the best quality routes. Our advanced routing techniques ensure the quality while we offer the best prices for your calls.

A SIP Trunk subscription is all you need for outbound calls. Next to that, CM offers inbound services so you are available always and everywhere. This includes local numbers (DDI’s), portation of existing numbers, service numbers or 0900 premium numbers (only available in the Netherlands and Belgium).

  1. Easy to connect
    Connect your telephony system to CM’s Voice Platform via internet. No need for complex infrastructures, an IP ready telephony system is all you need. Clear technical documentation is available.
  2. Unlimited capacity
    Our platform is connected to 2000 operator networks in 200 countries so you can benefit from high quality routes at the best price.
  3. 24/7 Support
    With high uptime and a redundant setup, you can rely on our highly secure and ISO 27001 certified platform with 24/7/365 support from our Network Operations Center.

Why choose offers a scalable cloud infrastructure and is geo-redundant. All services run on direct telecom operator connections and our in-house developed applications. These are built, optimised and monitored by our 100+ skilled developers each day. This guarantees high availability of our platform and continuous innovation of our services.

In addition to our communication channels such as SMS, Mail, Push, Chat and RCS, we provide fully featured off-the-shelf intelligent modules. You can develop your own solutions on our platform with a rich set of SDK’s and API’s. All available in popular web languages (ruby, node.js, python, c#) as well as non-code based capabilities.

Our cPaaS is ISO certified and supports enterprise required security, privacy, and control capabilities which are provided through an SLA, a Network Operating Center (available 24/7/365) and optional VPN or MPLS connections.

  • 1-on-1 conversations, shielded and secured
  • Assign customers to individuals
  • Quick replies and out-of-office notifications
  • Seamlessly transfer chats to other departments
  • Integrate customer profiles in your own CRM system

GDPR compliant Enterprise Messaging guarantees all your messages and data will remain in the EEA. Use our cPaaS capabilities with direct operator connections to make sure you meet all GDPR compliance requirements.

GDPR Compliance

Why cPaaS with

At CM, you can count on a secure and reliable CPaaS solution.

ISO certified and IT support all around the year

Our cPaaS offering is ISO certified and supports enterprise required security, privacy and control capabilities which are provided through a SLA, a Network Operating Center available 24/7 x 365 and optionally VPN or MPLS connections.

Product suite and service to enrich your business process offers not only a cPaaS but also a rich Payments suite and Digital Identity services. This allows for a full Customer Journey improvement in your Digital Transformation process. Your business processes can be enriched from a single platform offering Communications, Payments and Identity.

cpaas platform

We work for many world’s largest companies

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Discover the possibilities of the CM platform

  • 24/7/365 IT Support
  • ISO 27001 certified platform
  • Fast delivery within 10 seconds
  • Join the 20.000+ businesses that already use our platform