Push messages with SMS

What is Hybrid messaging?

SMS is still one of the most powerful methods of getting your message across. But how can your organisation benefit from the faster and more cost effective Push technology and keep the 100% reach you have with SMS?

CM introduces Hybrid Messaging. A dynamic messaging routing platform that automatically delivers your message via Push, SMS or voice.

Use hybrid messaging for Marketing, Notifications and Authentication.

  1. Saving costs on your SMS bill
    Keep sending to a phone number like SMS, but when
    we deliver via push, you pay only 50% of the SMS price.
  2. Increase App Engagement
    A push message will increase the use of your app
    which allows you to engage with them.
  3. 100% reach
    If your customer has your app or not, you will keep
    the 100% reach like you have with SMS.

Whitepaper Hybrid messaging

How can your company benefit from Hybrid Messaging?
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How does Hybrid work?

Send your message to our API or use the "Send Messages" web app and tell us which app is the receiver.

If the phone number is verified in the app, we will deliver the message via Push.

If there is no app verification or the app is no longer installed, we will deliver the message via SMS.

hybrid messaging solution

How to implement Hybrid messaging?

push notification sdk

Implement our free SDK

Deliver push messages to your own app with our free SDK's available for iOS & Android. The SDK allows you to verify a phone number, send messages via push and to build an in-app inbox.


Or use Notifire for free

If you don't have your own app and you would like to benefit from Hybrid Messaging. Then you can download CM's Notifire App for free and start to receive push messages instantly.

Download Notifire now to try it out for yourself

hybrid messaging notifire

Hybrid messaging pricing

Hybrid Messaging, 50% the price of an SMS when delivered by Push message

Example of prices per destination SMS Push message
United Kingdom£0.0337£0.0169
Germany £0.0695£0.0348

See full SMS price list (push is 50% of the SMS price).

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