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Lower the Pressure on Your Service Team Today

Automated, human-like service conversations to serve customers anytime via any channel

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95% Recognition Rate Within Days Not Months

Easily add your own self-service content and watch Generative AI do its magic—with safety, accuracy, security, and empathy.

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Building Your Own Chatbot Is Easier Than Ever Before

  1. Connect your own knowledge sources
  2. Personalize to your own tone of voice
  3. Get live on all channels
  4. Let Generative AI do the magic

Offer Support via All Channels

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Generative AI chatbot within conversational ai cloud and how easy it is

Effortless 24/7 Availability

Unlike conventional chatbots, our Generative AI Chatbot is easy to set up without any coding-, content- or maintenance hassles. Simply connect your website, PDFs, or other knowledge sources, click ‘Train’ and you are good to go.

  1. 24/7 customer support on all channels

  2. Seamless handover to agents

  3. Low effort and maintenance

Generative ai engine with chats and customers help

Human-like Conversations at Scale

Chatbots used to be static and robotic. Generative AI changed all that. You can now facilitate human-like conversations in any language at scale. Technology has never been smarter. And never been friendlier.

  1. Natural language flows

  2. High contextual awareness

  3. Multi-lingual support

Generative AI engine about data and privacy

Privacy and Data Security at the Forefront

Generative AI processes user data, so data protection is key. Rest assured, Your data is stored in the European region for compliance and remains confidential. It will never contain Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and will not be used to train large language models.

You can trust our bot to have valuable conversations with your customers. We have implemented measures against hallucinatory responses and malicious prompt injections.

  1. Anonymization of PII

  2. LLMs hosted in Europe

  3. Measures against hallucination and prompt injections

Ready for Start-Ups to Enterprises

Starting from €500,- per month

Basic - Generative AI Chatbots

Effortlessly build a generative AI chatbot tailored to your sources. Seamlessly accessible across all channels, with a smooth hand-over to live agents.

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Pro - Tailored AI Chatbots

For companies desiring control and customization, this package offers Multi-Engine NLU, a no-code dialogs builder, and powerful analytics—your perfect business companion.

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Enterprise - Extra secure AI Chatbots

Step into the future with enterprise ready AI chatbots through with role-based access, audit logs, revision tracking, and IP whitelisting—ensuring top-tier security and compliance.

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