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Take your fans through a unique experience around your match or event.

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Supreme Communication & Fan Engagement

Selling tickets is just the start. Be the captain in the game! Discover the magic of visitor data and reach your visitors with personalized communications on their favorite channels and devices.


Next Level Marketing With Whatsapp, Sms & Email

Inform fans about new transfers, latest player updates, upsell, and cross-sell opportunities. Create the ultimate experience through 1-1 mobile communications before, during, and after the visit. Enthuse fans and engage them with the club, everything from the same system.

  1. Have your top players send out voice campaigns to the fans

  2. Send realtime videos, links and updates via WhatsApp & SMS

  3. Reward your loyal fans and sell tickets or merchandise

  4. Unique fan experiences, multiple channels, one platform

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customer data platform events workflows

Easily Set Up Marketing Flows for the Customer Journey

Offer your fans a unique experience that goes beyond the actual visit. Step up and take control of the customer journey by streamlining them through a digital flow of individual touchpoints. With our drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly build a solid workflow based on your visitors' behavior and preferences. 

  1. Collect & own all your visitors' data in one platform

  2. Build fan segments and send personalized messages

  3. Engage at the right time with the right message

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Involve Your Sponsors and Let Them Play-Along

Use the visitor data to enter into the right sponsorship deals that connect with your fans. Build a good relationship with your sponsors and reach a higher goal together. Surprise them with personalized multi-channel messages from the coach, player or your director

  1. Use visitor data for B2B marketing to reach and retain sponsors

  2. Have coach send voice messages to sponsors for engagement

  3. Include sponsors in the experience and send free ticket links


Landing Pages to Cheer For

Collect and manage all visitor information data through your own branded mobile pages. Customize your pages with your content. Drag and drop your favorite design elements, customize the layout, and you’re done.

  1. Offer pre-registration for upcoming match or event

  2. Send out surveys to improve your experience

  3. Gather fan preferences for targeted marketing campaigns

  4. Generate pages with overviews matches and fixtures

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branded event app

White-Lable App to Drive Experiences & Fan Engagement

Communicate and engage with your growing digital audience, fans and sponsors. Encourage their experience with fun and valuable content year-round in a fully branded app. Attract attention with push notifications, offer a personalized newsfeed, use a dynamic map of your site and more!

  1. Manage everything through a dummy-proof CMS

  2. Gather fan data and turn this into valuable insights

  3. Provide your sponsors with mobile brand visibility

  4. Get your app in only a few weeks

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Enrich Your Marketing Campaigns

Collect data

Create fan segments with 360° customer profiles


Add chatbots, voice campaigns, and payment links

1:1 communication

Access to all communication channels


Clear reports on open, click & spam rates

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