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Marketing Clouds: a toolkit for hyper-personalized mobile communication

Nowadays, people are bombarded with information while our processing capacity is limited. The processing capacity of the conscious mind has been estimated at 120 bits per second (1). Back in 2010, Martin Hilbert of the University of California (2) estimated that “in 1986, we received around 40 newspapers full of information every day. In 2007, this grew to 174”. That is a growth of over 7% per year, so each year we process a few additional newspapers every day.

It is no wonder we now experience information overload. As a coping mechanism, we’ve learned to filter out irrelevant data. As a marketer, how can you increase the chances of your message to pass through this filter?

Make your message relevant

Your communication needs to be relevant to the receiver. This relevancy is determined by context, personalization, and conversation. Mobile leads the way; Customers find, compare, and buy on their mobile phone. And, since 60% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, so the journey and path-to-purchase of your customers’ needs to be optimized for mobile as well. Using our Marketing Cloud in your marketing toolkit, you can orchestrate complete mobile customer journeys.

The Mobile Customer Journey

Within the customer journey, your audience moves through different steps: Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Commitment, Sale, and Loyalty. Reaching the next step, is called Funnel Conversion. To optimize funnel conversion, each step of the journey should continue in the same channel and device; mobile in this case. If you want to convert and retain your customers, you need to act on customer behavior with the right message at the perfect time through the preferred channel.


The role of Marketing Clouds

Properly being able to act upon customer signals starts with gathering information and connecting data sources to one central system. This can be done with Customer Data Platforms (CDP’s), which are most of the time the beating heart of marketing clouds. A CDP is a central location for customer data — profiles, personal identifiers, website visits, mobile app sessions, email responses, chat transcripts, audio recordings of customer service interactions, social media comments, purchase orders, and so on — and is intended specifically for marketers to start the conversation with customers.

Everything that is personalized can be stored and added to specific customer profiles in a CDP. If it cannot be tied to a person in any way, the data cannot be added to a profile and will not increase the effectiveness of your communication. Data is personalized by using one metric as key, like email address, mobile phone number, IP-address, or ticket purchase ID. When adding all kinds of different data points to a profile, you create rich profiles of your audience.

Rich_Profiles_CDPWith access to these rich profiles, you can now orchestrate and automate communication with your customers or prospects using the different additional features in Marketing Clouds. The richer your understanding of a person is, the better you can target them with information that is relevant within the context they currently are in. And it should be a conversation instead of a marketing push, there should be an opportunity to respond, to start the conversation.

Automate and orchestrate

After connecting the different data sources and creating rich customer profiles, there is still no message going out. That’s where you need to put the rich profiles to work. Marketing Clouds enable you to manage all the customer profiles and send out personalized, great-looking content with top quality reporting, as well as automate your communications with a workflow builder. That triggers the correct communication at the correct moment. In a workflow, you can plan messages on all of the modern communication channels like SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business (iMessage), Viber, Email, etc.

Marketing_Cloud_CMcomAdding mobile-optimized landing pages to your communication is a way of collecting more customer information. Those pages can be built with an easy to use WYSIWYG-editor. And don’t forget to use consent management to get your opt-ins and opt-outs right.

Think big, start small, and scale quickly

Think big and see how it improves your funnel conversion. And take customers on engaging mobile journeys across every channel. Our advice is to start small and see which data sources to connect first when starting to build rich profiles. When the first things are set right, you are able to scale quickly and boost your conversions throughout the whole funnel.

Mobile Marketing Cloud of

Long story short, your customers are bombarded with loads of information. To reach them and improve your conversion with mobile marketing, your message needs to be highly relevant to them. CM.coms Mobile Marketing Cloud (MMC) with it's Customer Data Platform can help you achieve this. MMC stores all your marketing data into meaningful and rich profiles. Which you can use to orchestrate and automate relevant conversations. It's the only solution that includes all mobile messaging channels like WhatsApp, empowering you to create personalized omnichannel experiences that increase customer engagement. If you want to discuss the possibilities for your organization feel free to schedule a demo with us.




If you want to discuss the possibilities feel free to contact us for an introductory call.

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is passionate about mobile technology and marketing. At, she ensures customers can easily find the best way for them to benefit from mobile technology. In her spare time, she gets to relax with yoga.

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