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WhatsApp Business is now available - Start in 3 easy steps

Big news: WhatsApp is available for companies. That means that you can now add WhatsApp Business to your communication channels via our API. But what possibilities does this chat app offer to get in touch with your customers?

Why WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has no less than 1.5 billion active users in 180 countries. In many countries, including the Netherlands, WhatsApp has become the most popular communication channel. This is the reason that many companies have wanted to access this chat app for quite some time now but until recently this was not officially possible. Fortunately, WhatsApp has now officially opened this channel, so that your company can also use this channel to get in touch with your customers.

Business WhatsApp features: conversational commerce

WhatsApp Business offers some valuable features that can help you as a company to take customer communication to a higher level. Consider, for example, turning on absence messages and a standard first greeting so that your client feels heard immediately. You can also set up 'quick answers' that can be sent with a keyword when a frequently asked question is asked.

You also have space on WhatsApp Business to share company information. This includes your address, location on a map, business category, picture, opening hours, email address, and website (s). You also have insight into important statistics, such as the number of sent, delivered, and read messages. If a message cannot be delivered, for example, because your receiver is offline, your message will be sent from our platform via SMS, RCS or Voice.

With the WhatsApp Business link from, you can easily and completely personalize messages. Do not only think about the name of your conversation partner, but also the history. For example, what did he bought last time, where is he located and how did previous conversations go? By continuing your various contact moments with your individual customers as a conversation, even over different channels, you can better support your customers and create a stronger bond between your company and the customer.

Why use WhatsApp Business

  • Secure communication via end-to-end encryption
  • Trusted by your customers, verified by WhatsApp
  • Easy integration via our Business Communication API
  • Personalized communication via our dashboard

All this is just a selection of the many functionalities that you can benefit from as a company.

WhatsApp Business applications

Because WhatsApp allows you to share rich media, it offers many opportunities for companies to better support customers. Think for example of sending QR codes, route descriptions, reservation confirmations and instruction videos. In this way, all relevant information can be shared in one personalized conversation. Due to the end-to-end encryption of WhatsApp messages, the content of your conversation is not visible to others and information can be shared securely.

mobile ticket received over whatsapp

Getting started immediately with WhatsApp

Where WhatsApp is free for consumers, this will not always be the case for companies. WhatsApp has announced that they will soon start calculating 0.05 to 0.13 cents per message. WhatsApp also charges a fee when companies approach consumers and when a company does not respond to a message from a customer within 24 hours. When a customer starts a conversation with a company, the conversation (provided the response is within 24 hours) is free.

Via our platform, you can easily integrate WhatsApp into your communication mix.

  1. Request a WhatsApp Business account. This can be done here. We need your WhatsApp API key before we can start.
  2. Connect to our Business Messaging API.
  3. Add your WhatsApp key and start chatting immediately!

With our Business Messaging API you have access to all communication channels, including WhatsApp. Contact us for more information about technical details, options and prices.

More about Whatsapp Business

Get Started in 3 Steps

More about Whatsapp Business

Get Started in 3 Steps
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