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Communicate with billions of customers by connecting to the WhatsApp Business API. Enrich customer care, exceed expectations.

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Experience the power of WhatsApp Business

Communicate with billions

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1.5 billion people

Over 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp every month. More than 1 billion people use it every day.

180 countries

WhatsApp is actively used in over 180 countries. Reach your audience wherever they are.

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60 languages

WhatsApp is available in 60 languages, allowing users globally to enjoy a seamless customer experience.

A new world of communication

By creating a presence with a WhatsApp account, brands worldwide can connect and build personal relationships with their customers. By connecting to the CM platform, you'll be connected to not only WhatsApp, but all messaging channels to make sure you're not missing out in any way.

Grow, and minimise friction

WhatsApp is indispensable to the customer journey. From getting to know your company and its services, to coming back with a question about the tenth product they bought from you, customers turn to messaging in every step of the buying process. 

WhatsApp opens up a world of opportunities to grow revenue, reduce pressure on customer service and minimise friction on the path towards the purchase.

The WhatsApp API gives you:

  1. Instant insights into your messaging delivery statistics

  2. Secure communication with end-to-end encryption

  3. Access to all other messaging channels via Business Messaging API

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We've got you covered

With all the communication ways available, it's important to keep track of all conversations throughout the different channels.

In our platform, we have united all channels for you to ensure you can continue the conversation through all channels while seamlessly switching between them.

As authorised distributor of the WhatsApp Business Solution we'll connect you to this and all other messaging channels.

Use messaging for:

  1. Alerts: Updates, changes or reminders, alert when it matters

  2. Customer Support: Talk with your customers and deliver support

  3. Rich Content: Solving problems is easiest when you can use RC

  4. Notifications: Reminders of deliveries, orders, and appointments

Amplify your communication

WhatsApp allows you to amplify your communication with rich content like pictures, videos, locations, and more.

With your WhatsApp Business profile you can indicate opening hours, show your address and link to your website. If your customers are not ready to make a purchase, they can get in touch with you to find that extra bit of information and support needed to make the buying decision.

Respond instantly with automated messages or use quick replies to save and reuse messages. If customers can't be reached via WhatsApp, an SMS fall-back is in place to ensure that your customers will always receive your messages.

WhatsApp Business Prices

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Subscription Essentials Business Enterprise
Monthly subscription fee €99 €299 €499
First business profile Free Free Free
Extra business profile NA €99 p.m. per extra profile €99 p.m. per extra profile
Templates 10 100 Unlimited
Included Messages per month* 5,000 50,000 50,000
Messages in 24h Customer Care Window
Message Templates See WhatsApp rate card See WhatsApp rate card See WhatsApp rate card
Volume discounts - - Available
* Above 5k Messages €0.02 CM Fee applies Above 50k Messages €0.012 CM Fee applies Above 50k Messages €0.009 CM Fee applies
** - - Contact us for Enterprise Plus

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To kickstart the process, register on our platform (for existing customers, simply log in). Once logged in, you will find "Channels" on your dashboard - request access via the WhatsApp icon. We'll keep you informed throughout the on-boarding process.

If you still have questions about our WhatsApp Business solution, you can chat with us directly! Simply scan the QR code on the right. WhatsApp will open automatically and you can chat directly with one of our dedicated team members.

(Your number will not be used for advertising purposes, it will be deleted immediately after the chat).

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More than WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is only the beginning in this new world of communication, a fraction of the promise that conversational commerce holds.

Connect with our platform to discover it all. Jump on the opportunity to connect with all messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Viber, SMS, Twitter, RCS, Telegram, WeChat, and more. They’re all in one place, ensuring you full access.

The platform is scalable, which means that you can scale your communication up or down at anytime.

Our platform will always be continually expanding with new channels that emerge, which means that your business communication is immediately future-proof.

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