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WhatsApp Business makes it easy to enrich customer care. Use this popular channel to exceed expectations.

Use WhatsApp for your business

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180 countries

WhatsApp is actively used in over 180 countries. Reach your audience wherever they are.

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1.5 billion people

Over 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp each month. More than 1 billion use it each day.

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60 languages

WhatsApp is available in 60 languages, allowing users globally to have a seamless customer experience.

WhatsApp Business: Communicate with billions

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging channels out there. Now, you can use this medium to engage in one-on-one conversations with your customer. Offer them a frictionless path to their purchases and support them with rich media.

Use Cases of WhatsApp Business:


Send urgent updates, changes or maintenance reminders. Alert your target audience when it matters.

Customer Support:

Have conversations with your customers and share rich content with them. Resolving problems is easier when you can explain with videos, pictures, locations, and date pickers for appointments.


Remind your customer of deliveries, orders, and appointments. Use WhatsApp notifications and implement SMS fall-back to make sure your notifications are delivered.

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Connect with your customers via WhatsApp

The WhatsApp Business solution will offer you a business presence among your customers. With your verified profile you can indicate opening hours, show your address and link to your website. If your customers are not ready to make a purchase, they can get in touch with you to find that extra bit of information and support needed to make the buying decision.

Help your customers find you and guide them through their customer journey.

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Why CM.com?

CM.com offers more than just WhatsApp Business. We can help you set up and manage a complete, multi-channel platform to support your customers and send them notifications globally. We are specialized in handling large loads of messages. We make sure you can have secure conversations and use and analyse the data you need to improve your own services.

Connect to us via Plugin, the Business Messaging API or use our Customer Contact tool.

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What does it cost?

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Subscription Essentials Business Enterprise
Monthly subscription fee: €99 €299 €499
First phone number Free Free Free
Extra phone number NA €99 p.m. per extra number €99 p.m. per extra number
Templates 10 100 Unlimited
Included Messages per month* 5.000 50.000 50.000
Messages in 24h Customer Care Window
Message Templates See WhatsApp rate card See WhatsApp rate card See WhatsApp rate card
* Above 5k Messages €0.02 CM Fee applies Above 50k Messages €0.012 CM Fee applies Above 50k Messages €0.009 CM Fee applies

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Register for your WhatsApp Business Solution today. We'll keep you posted about when we can connect you. Because of the many requests, we're trying to connect as many companies as fast as possible.

You can speed up the process by implementing our Business Messaging API or visiting our FAQ.

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